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Welcome to Thomas & Piron Grands Lacs website.


We are a proven partner in a myriad of investment matters. It ranges within a broad spectrum of residential houses and flats, commercial buildings and offices, hospitality establishments and industrial buildings.


With a presence of more than 15 years in the East African region, we have been tested and proven to be a serious and reliable partner for your construction projects. We moved our regional Head Office from Kigali, Rwanda to Nairobi, Kenya in 2011, where we are registered as a Class A - Contractor.


The success of Thomas and Piron Grands Lacs can be attributed to our highly skilled staff. We believe in creating specialization within our organization that has led to professionalism and reliability in all departments. We are also making the difference in the quality of our finishing materials. We are able to offer European finishing materials at very competitive prices. You are welcome to visit us in our offices to get more information.


Coralie Piron, Chief Executive Officer