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Thomas & Piron Grands Lacs Ltd is part of a big European group, Thomas & Piron S.A. (www.thomas-piron.eu).


Thomas & Piron S.A. was established in 1976. It is the Number One construction company in the French-speaking part of Belgium as well as in Luxembourg, with an average annual turnover of 200 million Euros. It is specialised in residential construction, office blocks, commercial developments and industrial projects. It employs 1,500 persons.


In 2000, the group decided to extend its activity outside Europe. It set up business in Morocco and Rwanda.


Thomas & Piron Grands Lacs was born in Rwanda.


Over the last 14 years, the company has been awarded many different construction contracts in Rwanda and Burundi.


We have built residential projects, office blocks, high-rise building, industrial developments (mills, warehouses, silos and dairies), commercial projects, hotel projects, hospitals. We have also executed a number of renovation projects.


From the moment we established in the East African Region, we have worked constantly in order to build a reliable team of technicians that can deliver outstanding quality within contractual timelines. We have also acquired a lot of equipment that allow us to take up any type of construction contracts.


We extended our operations to Kenya in 2011 and decided to establish our regional head quarters in Nairobi as a Class A contractor.




Our vision for the very competitive Kenyan market is to make a difference by producing quality at competitive prices.


Through our Head Office in Belgium, we are able to source for finishing materials in Europe at very competitive rates. Over the last 10 years, we have also developed relationships with suppliers in Dubaï, Malaysia and China.


We are very keen on sourcing quality materials only and therefore, have invested a lot in a very efficient procurement department because we believe that it is where the difference can be made.


We believe in continue improvement through strategic partnership, long-term business relations with clients and consultants and application of innovative methods to achieve quality.




Time : yes, time is valuable! And we at TPGL make a point of honour to abide by time constraints and commitments.


Professionalism : skilled people is our key success factor, and we aim at keeping a high training level around.


Guarantee : your full satisfaction is what drives us everyday. Until we reach there. Guaranteed!


Loyalty : we see business as a continuous series of long-lasting human relationships and mutual respect.